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strawberry pie filling (canning)

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From: Denise Patterson
Hebron, MD
Hi.. trying to find a recp. for canning strawberry pie filling on the internet and not able to find anything close to it. I do have clear gel and would prefer to use that instead of cornstarch. Any information would be great. thanks Denise

Extension Message
From: Kasey Murphy
FNP Coordinator
McHenry County Unit
Denise, My suggestion for making strawberry pie filling would be to go to the National Center for Home Food Preservation Website. The following link:

will take you directly to the section on making Pie Fillings with "Clear Jel". Although there is no recipe for Strawberry Pie Filling, you may want to try the recipe for Blueberry Pie Filling and substitue strawberries for the blueberries in the recipe. My suggestion would be to try a small batch and bake a pie with the filling before committing a whole canner load. Good luck! Kasey Murphy FNP Coordinator McHenry County Extension

From: Kristina St. Pere
Poquoson, VA
Denise, Try the website It has the strawberry pie filling recipe using clear jel and all the instructions with pictures.

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