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Large Item Drop?

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From: Luke Scharf
Urana, IL
I also am wondering where to find a large item drop? I own a pickup truck, and we're doing some small/medium home improvement work.

In my previous location (Southwest Virginia), the County garbage pickup wouldn't take construction waste, so I had to throw large items into my vehicle and take them to one of several dumpsters located throughout the county.

How does one dispose of, say, a wheelbarrow here?

Thanks, -Luke

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You can look on the City of Urbana website at and click on recycling in the Quick Links section at the top. They have a brochure about where to recycle things.

For scrap metals, they have listed: Mack's Twin City Recycling 2808 N. Lincoln Ave., Urbana 328-2100

Marco Steel 302 S. Market St., Champaign 352-4707

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