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From: Amy Aranyosi
Crystal Lake, IL
I read that there are no Cloverbud groups meeting in Crystal Lake right now. What does it take to start one? I am a busy mom of 3 young kids, but I really want my 6 year old to get involved with this. Let me know! Thanks!

Extension Message
From: Rosa Borjon
Office Support Assistant
Boone/DeKalb/Ogle Unit

To start a 4-H club, the first step would be to talk with the person overlooking the 4-H Department. Unfortunately, our 4-H Community Worker has retired as of last week Friday, July 30th. We are currently going through office restructuring and we are not sure yet who will fill that position. What I can do is hold on to your email about your interest in leading a 4-H club and when we do get someone to overlook the 4-H program I will forward your message to that person.

Again, thank you for contacting us with an interest in the 4-H program.

Please let me know if you want me to hold on to your information.

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