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Sanitizing laundry

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From: Sandi Watkins
Maple Valley, WA
The Lysol product I was using to sanitize and deoderize laundry without damaging colors or adding unpleasant scent has been discontinued. What is the best way to sanitize laundry? What is the least amount of bleach that is effective? Is there another product that sanitizes and deoderizes laundry?

Extension Message
From: Mary Ann Fugate
Associate Regional Director and Extension Educator, Consumer and Family Economics
Champaign Extension Center
Products that contain quaternary, chlorine, pine oil or phenolic can be a disinfectant. They should display an EPA Registration Number on the label and be labeled as a disinfectant. Use the hottest water safe for the fabrics you are laundering. For colorfast or white textiles, add ¾ to 1 cup chlorine bleach in the wash cycle. However if there is a large amount of iron in the water, can cause rust stains to appear on fabrics. For fabrics that cannot be washed with bleach, add 1 cup of pine oil disinfectant such as Pine-Sol or 1 cup of phenolic disinfectant such as Lysol to the wash.

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