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drought damaged shrub

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From: Libby Johnston
Champaign, IL
Two of my four older large climbing hydrangeas have been severely damage by the drought--they get more direct sun. In spite of watering when I noticed the brown leaves a month ago, one is 95% brown and dried up. The other is 50%. Should I cut the 95% one off to the ground and see if it grows in the spring? The other one?

The other two are still green but the next one in the row has a few brown leaves starting. I'm doing a long water once a week.

What should I do?

Extension Message
From: Sandra Mason
State Master Gardener Coordinator
Champaign/Ford/Iroquois/Vermilion Unit
HI Libby, for any drought damaged plants i would only cut off what stems are dead. scratch the stem to see if there is green. if there is than leave to see if they send out new leaves. tough yer for all plants but particularly hydrangeas. good luck, sandy

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