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Ethics Card/Cert

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From: Regina SABATINI
Crystal Lake, IL
My Daughter is new to 4H. In teh news letter, it lists an online ethics training cert as a requirement to show at the County FAir. After numerous attempts to access this site, I continue tobe unable to find the training she has to take. Can you please get back to me with a site and directions?

Extension Message
From: Katie Wagner Roberts
Extension Educator, Youth Development Special Interest (SPIN) Clubs
McHenry County Unit
Hi Regina...the website that you are looking for is linked via our county web page. You can click on the 4-H and Youth icon on the home page and then go down to additional resources where you will see a category called "Animal Related/Ethics". Click the link and you will find the Ethics link.

It is wonderful that you and your child are trying to get the Ethics requirement completed now (April) as many wait until the last minute. This program is user friendly, but giving oneself time to complete the online training is an excellent, and recommended, idea. :)

Remember to write down your user id. If you have more questions, you may call our office.


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