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green beans

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From: Jean King
Sidney, IL
What is the current recommended time for scalding green beans for freezing? My freezing book was published in 1964!!!

Extension Message
Hi, Jean!

Yes, an updated reference would be helpful!! I copied this answer from our urban extension website

Instructions say to do the following: Select vegetables grown under favorable conditions and prepare for freezing as soon after picking as possible. Vegetables at peak quality for eating will produce best results in the freezer.

In a blanching pot or large pot with a tight fitting lid, bring 5 quarts of water to a rolling boil.

Meanwhile, wash beans, trim stem ends and cut into1-inch pieces or leave whole.

Blanch no more than one pound at a time. Add beans to boiling water and immediately cover with a tight fitting lid.

Start timing immediately and blanch for four minutes.

Prepare an ice water bath in a large 5-quart container or the sink.

Remove beans from water with slotted a spoon or blanching basket.

Emerge in the ice water bath for five minutes or until cooled. If you do not have ice, use several changes of cold water or running cold water. Remove and drain.

Pack cold beans in zip-closure freezer bags or freezer containers. Squeeze out as much air as possible before sealing bags.

Label and date each container or bag. Immediately place in the freezer, allowing an inch of space around each container until it is frozen. Freeze for up to one year at 0 degrees F. or below.

Blanching water can be used over and over again. Add more water if necessary. Remember to always bring water back to a rolling boil before blanching more vegetables.

We also have a microwave blanching fact sheet. It says to microwave 2 T and 2 tsp of water with 2 1/4 cups of green beans cut in one inch pieces in a microwave-safe covered glass casserole dish at 600-700 watts for 3 minutes. (Two of the three minutes should be in boiling water).

The fact sheet says microwave blanching is easy for small batches but is not recommended for larger quantities. As per the other instructions, remove the dish from the microwave, drain the water and chill in ice water for one minute. Chilling can be done in a colander or by placing the vegetables in a freezer bag and submerging it in ice water. After one minute, press out the air, seal, label, and freeze.

I hope this helps! Thanks for using the Ask Extension website!

From: Ellen Enderby
De Pere, WI
What do you mean under microwave blanching in () Two of the three min should be in boiling water?

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