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lead in eggs

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From: Carolyn Reyes
Harvard, IL
My family is renting an old farm north of Harvard. After we moved in we discovered there was lots of old peeling lead paint on the out-buildings, which the landlord didn't warn us about. Before we found out about the paint we got some chicks, which are now a little flock getting ready to lay. Is there someplace I can get the eggs tested for lead contamination?

Extension Message
From: Donald Schellhaass
County Extension Director
McHenry County Unit
I am not aware of any firm in the area that would check for lead contamination. I would suggest you contact a local environmental firm. There are several listed in the yellow pages.

From: Ramon Barnes
Amherst, MA
We have determined the lead content in eggs from sites contaminated with lead paint and found them significantly elevated compared to uncontaminated sites. The lead content is reduced when the lead contamination source is removed. We offer commercial analysis of lead in soil, paint, eggs, and other agricultural and commercial materials.

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