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National 4-h Conference

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From: Victoria Goad
Harvard, IL
What do you have to do to be considered to attend the national 4-h confrence

Extension Message
From: Katie Wagner Roberts
Extension Educator, Youth Development Special Interest (SPIN) Clubs
McHenry County Unit
A select group of 8 Illinois teens and 2 adults travel to Washington, D.C. each spring to participate in this working conference.

The first opportunity to attend this trip is provided to the teens serving on the State 4-H Youth Leadership Team. Open spaces are filled by application to provide a diverse Illinois delegation that represents various areas of the state, 4-H access systems, ethnic groups, and male/female ratios.

The deadline for the trip is generally mid-December.

The trip is open to 15-18 year olds (age by January 1 of the trip year).

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