The Great Plant Escape
Soiled Again!


Make A Soil Subsitute

We have been studying soil and what it is made from. We have also been learning how different soil is from place to place.

Take four clear plastic cups and try an experiment to decide which soil or soil substitute is best. In one cup, place shredded newspaper. In the second cup, put potting soil, and in the third put sand. If you can find small rocks, gravel, or pebbles, put them in a fourth cup.

Other ideas might be kitty litter, wood shavings, aquarium gravel, ground-up cardboard, insulation (rock wool), bags, peanut shells, or packing materials.

Now plant a seed in each cup. Also try mixing things together.

Water the seeds and watch them grow.

What happened?

You've finished Case #2! Now go on to Case #3 to learn about seeds .

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