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My First Garden
A guide to the fun and clever world of gardening.

I Can Garden:Kidz Corner
A Canadian gardening site with a Kidz corner section that offers a number of activities and projects for kids in the garden.

Gardening for Kids
Tips from the Victory Garden for gardening with kids.

The Edible School Garden Program
Using food as a unifying concept, students learn how to grow, harvest, and prepare nutritious seasonal produce. Experiences in the kitchen and garden foster a better understanding of how the natural world sustains us, and promotes the environmental and social well being of the school community.

School Gardens
Learn about botany by starting a school garden

There are many opportunities available for children to become involved with plants, gardens, or the outdoors in general. Some of these opportunities include children's programs at school gardens, botanic gardens or community gardens. This site contains ideas for gardening with kids.

Junior Master Gardener Program
An international youth gardening program of the Cooperative Extension Service network. JMG Mission: To grow good kids by igniting a passion for learning, success and service through a unique gardening education.

Wisconsin Fast Plants
Join thousands of teachers worldwide who use Fast Plants® to bring science alive in their classrooms! These petite, hardy, fast-growing plants whiz through an entire life cycle in about 40 days, making them ideal for inquiry-based science investigations and for learning about plant biology.

Lesson Plans

Plant Science
Without plants, which supply food, shelter, and oxygen, people couldn't survive. Delve into the diverse world of plants to discover how plants function and how they adapt to the place they call home — with featured video clips, lesson plans, discussion guide, and activities.

Plants and their Parts
A lesson plan with activities to encourage students to observe and document similarities and differences between parts of plants.

Look at Those Leaves
Lesson plan to observe, measure, and sort tree leaves. To examine leaves individually, in groups, and in relationship to the entire tree.

What Plants Need to Grow
Lesson plan and activities on what plants need to grow.

Active Plants
This lesson plan is about how plants respond to changes in their environment.

Chill Out!
Participate in a science experiment to learn the cold requirements of spring-flowering bulbs.

Gardening with Children
Educational activities for gardening with kids.

A Scrapbook for All Seasons
Create a record of your garden to help kids appreciate the changing seasons and see the value of simple and regular observation.

Treasure Hunt
A plant activity that will help students with their language development, math and social skills.

Be a Seed Collector
Activity will enforce the kid’s understanding of a plant’s life cycle.

Tulips: Journey North
Track the sweep of spring in the Northern Hemisphere by keeping an eye on your Red Emperor tulips as they burst forth and bloom! This exciting seasonal event begins underground each fall.

Activities from the Do It Yourself Network

My First Garden
A guide to the fun and clever world of gardening

Hort Corner
University of Illinois Extension Guide to Horticulture

Plant Parts and their Function
Detailed explanation of plant parts and their function from Arizona State.

Careers in Botany
A guide to working with plants.

Biology of Plants
Learn about the functions of plant parts, pollination and how plants make food.

The Adventures of Herman the Worm
The autobiography of Squirmin' Herman the Worm.

USDA Plant Database
A database with 30,000 plant images and a list of plants in your state.

Plants in Motion
Watch videos of plants moving to light, seeds germinating and flowers opening and closing.

Seed Saver’s Exchange
Seed Savers Exchange is a nonprofit organization that saves and shares the heirloom seeds of our garden heritage, forming a living legacy that can be passed down through generations.

Seed Germination Database
Excellent listing of germination requirements for hundreds of plants.

The Gardening Launch Pad
Make The Gardening Launch Pad your starting point for all your electronic gardening needs.

Low-Cost Grow-Light Frame Plans
If you'd like to start your own seeds inside, or you work with youth or children and are looking for fun and meaningful projects, these grow-light plans might be just what you need.

Youth Gardening Grants
National Gardening Association awards youth garden grants to schools and community organizations with child-centered, outdoor garden programs.

2014 Mantis Tiller Award Program
Apply today to win one of 20 Mantis tiller/cultivators (each complete with border edger attachment) for your garden program!

America the Beautiful Fund
The American the Beautiful Fund offers grants of free seeds for community planting projects. Grants of 100 to 2000 seed packets are being offered on the basis of availability and relative need. These are 2002-2003 seeds with germination rates of 90 percent to 95 percent. For an application contact:
America the Beautiful Fund
725 15th Street,NW
Suite 605
Washington D.C. 20005


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