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Jade plant is shriveling

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From: Steve Severinghaus
Champaign, IL
Hi there. I have a small jade plant sitting in a large, west-facing window. I had been keeping it out of direct sunlight for several months. Having read that they need a lot of direct sunlight, I moved it to the windowsill a month or so ago. Over the course of the last month, it seems to have deteriorated in health, with several leaves (it's only got about 40 to begin with) yellowing and shriveling, and a couple falling off.

Is it possible it's just getting too much direct sunlight now? Does it need more (or less?) water when getting more light? Should I do something like use fertilizer to reverse the deterioration?

Thanks for any advice, -Steve

Extension Message
From: Greg Stack
Extension Horticulturist
Extension Web Development
Hi, Houseplants that are grown indoors in a certain location for any length of time get acustomed to a certain level of light. When they are moved to a brighter location those leaves are often not able to handle the increase in light that fast and will often get lighter in color and may even develop white spots (sunscald). Jade does like very bright light but it will need to readjust to the increase in light levels. In the mean time you may have to put up with the lighter leaves or maybe just move it back from the window and move it closer over a period of time. Fertilizer will not reverse the condition. And while more water may be needed for plants growing in very high light areas due to more rapid use and loss don't overwater as that can cause a whole other set of problems like root loss, leaf loss etc.

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