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From: Laurie Camp
Darien, IL
I have been growing impatiens in my flower gardens for years. I have always been successful. However, this summer I have encountered a situation I have never seen before. My violet Super Elfin impatiens have beautiful green leaves and buds. However, when the flowers bloom they quickly develop white blotches. The petals then thin in those areas. The areas effected are in the middle of the petals in random areas. At first, I thought it was bruising from rain storms, but it has happened during sunny weather too. I have researched this problem and can't find anything that describes what is happening. This is problem is only occuring in one bed. The other flower beds that have impatiens are fine even ones that include the violet Super Elfin variety. Can you assist me in solving this problem?

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From: Greg Stack
Extension Horticulturist
Extension Web Development

is there a chance this area is getting more direct sun cause sun scald on the petals?

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