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Question Title Date
Old wood on Endless Summer hydrangea from Thelma Philipp 05/14/22
Hollyhock from Ruku Young 09/05/21
White worms on bee balm from Denise Godfrey 07/30/21
Leaves curling and some turning brown from Janice Wood 06/05/21
gardenias from Claudia Fradkin 01/26/21
Violets dying from Bonita Shane (4) Replies. 06/22/20
When to Plant Hydrangea from Tess Pflug (2) Replies. 08/07/17
Impatiens No Blooming from Marty Walgenbach (1) Reply. 08/07/17
Morning Glories from Jo Dibbern (1) Reply. 07/26/17
Ratibida pinnata and Rudbeckia Triloba from Ray Wronkiewicz (1) Reply. 05/23/17
Peonies from Don Kroon-Harris (1) Reply. 05/20/17
Transplanting from Regina Sargent (1) Reply. 08/02/16
Plant ID in wildflower garden from Eileen Hallstrom (1) Reply. 06/25/16
Hibicus tree from Gail Miller (1) Reply. 06/09/16
gooseneck from Carol Lanham (1) Reply. 05/14/16
Hummingbird Flowers from Cathy Trader (1) Reply. 05/13/16
No flowers this spring from Gail Miller (1) Reply. 05/08/16
Gooseneck loosestrife from Myra Linton (1) Reply. 04/23/16
Martha Washington geranium from Fran Lider (1) Reply. 10/12/15
Clematis - Polish Spirit from Ish Vardhani (1) Reply. 08/14/15
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