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Extension Educator, Horticulture
DuPage/Kane/Kendall Unit
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Question Title Date
China Doll plant from Karen Becker 11/03/23
Brown crusty stuff on bottom of pot from Roxanna Spencer 09/24/23
Peace Lilly from Elda Schwegel 07/25/23
Very leggy China Doll from Sybil Collins 04/29/21
Orange/brown buildup from Marjorie E Williams (1) Reply. 03/10/21
Growing Jade Plants in Thailand from Tom Kipp (1) Reply. 07/09/20
China Doll Dry Leaves from Betheny Hamilton 05/23/19
Peace Lilly from AVA NIDA (1) Reply. 11/11/17
Bugs in my Peace Lily from Clara Bradford (1) Reply. 04/17/17
Bugs in my Peace Lily from Clara Bradford (3) Replies. 04/10/17
Aloe Vera plant from Julie Persofsky 03/21/17
China doll from Marcy Kivi (1) Reply. 03/15/17
Lipstick plant from Julie Persofsky (1) Reply. 02/25/17
Problem with bromeliads from Kristy Sanchez (1) Reply. 02/18/17
China Doll from Sterling Church (1) Reply. 01/28/17
China Doll from Elise Williams (1) Reply. 11/27/16
China doll plant from Tessa Hajek (1) Reply. 10/11/16
House tree from Katrina Houchins 09/21/16
China Doll from Conni Johnson (1) Reply. 09/16/16
Brown water in peace lily from Kay Mutert (1) Reply. 08/07/16
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