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Fungus gnats in HVAC system from Sally Hansen 07/05/23
Rose of Sharon Bush from Linda Sabousky 06/13/23
Small black bugs in my ridx from Jeanine Kyser 05/25/23
Silverfish from Sian Gray 02/07/23
Bugs from Dana Prikryl 11/06/22
Cigarette beetles and Ridex from DeNelda Niemiec 05/02/22
Attic Flies from Dana Hart (1) Reply. 01/21/22
Stink Bugs from Dana Hart (1) Reply. 01/21/22
fungus gnats from n kroff (4) Replies. 12/13/21
Sewer mites from Jennifer Kitts (1) Reply. 11/24/21
Asian Jumping Worms from Joan Heitmanek (1) Reply. 10/23/21
RidX box Bug from Edward Ridley (1) Reply. 09/27/21
Spider ID from Mary Rafferty 09/01/21
Bugs found in Rid X from Terri Robinson (3) Replies. 06/18/21
Tiny bugs browning arborvitae on one side from Mark Lewis 06/03/21
bugs from rid x from Bri Hill (1) Reply. 05/14/21
Unexpected Guest from Amber Mildner 04/10/21
Brood X Cicadas from Megan Churilla (1) Reply. 01/31/21
RidX from Pamela Goff (1) Reply. 01/17/21
squirrel living in staghorn from Laura O'Connor 08/13/20
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