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Extension Educator, Horticulture
DuPage/Kane/Kendall Unit
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Online master gardener from Darrel Clatterbuck (1) Reply. 08/20/19
Limestone algae from Gary Davis (1) Reply. 06/29/19
Coffee Grounds from Josh Cusack 03/06/19
black carpenter ants from paul buckley (1) Reply. 04/18/18
Nostoc Communune Algae from Jack Griffith (1) Reply. 08/25/17
Composting Worms from Jamie Vermillion (1) Reply. 06/12/17
Holly Bushes from Ron Yelverton (1) Reply. 06/05/17
Yellow Weed from Janice Ewing (1) Reply. 05/24/17
Total Fertilizer Ban from Linda Lane (1) Reply. 05/04/17
Bamboo from Jeff Whyte (1) Reply. 02/20/17
lawn from Mary Roney (1) Reply. 01/20/17
Sweet potato vines from Marilyn Seeger 12/26/16
oak trees from jack sullivan 11/28/16
Pachysandra from Ilene Berns-Zare (1) Reply. 10/07/16
Japanese Maple from Carrie Moss (1) Reply. 08/26/16
uses for old fertilizer from Joanne Fugman (1) Reply. 04/24/16
Window well from Kelly Shea (1) Reply. 03/05/16
mulch from Kathleen Branch (1) Reply. 02/19/16
termites in our home how to determine most effecti from doris lefley (1) Reply. 09/21/15
12-8-10 control release from Tammy Gartley (3) Replies. 08/28/15
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