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Extension Educator, Horticulture
DuPage/Kane/Kendall Unit
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Sunset Maple from Joanne Fugman (1) Reply. 05/26/18
tree from Barbara Bosco (1) Reply. 05/25/18
Arborvitaes turning brown from Jeff Gieske (1) Reply. 05/24/18
Green Wood from Lynn Smiley (1) Reply. 05/08/18
Catalpa Tree from Julie Beasley (1) Reply. 05/07/18
Fertilizer from Eileen Parker (1) Reply. 03/22/18
holly from Tim Conlon (1) Reply. 03/20/18
Geinko tree from Peggy Williams (1) Reply. 03/18/18
hibiscus tree from mary may (1) Reply. 03/07/18
hibiscus tree from mary may 03/07/18
Incorporate a fence between a row of Arborvitae from Kelly Keim 12/23/17
arborvite from christine davis (1) Reply. 12/10/17
tops of newly planted prunus caroliniana dying from Peter Pawlakos (1) Reply. 11/28/17
arborvitae from Brian Schulz (1) Reply. 10/28/17
Pin oaks from Harry Soppe (1) Reply. 10/07/17
Best use of burlap to overwinter Emerald Evergreen from R Tavora (1) Reply. 09/25/17
Foliage Damage and increased mortality rate from Jeff Biethman (1) Reply. 09/16/17
arborvitae changing colors from Ryan Gordon (1) Reply. 09/10/17
Pine Needle Scale from Randy Taylor (1) Reply. 08/31/17
Hackberry Tree from Richard Alderman (1) Reply. 08/22/17
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