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Question Title Date
Pee Gee Hydrangeas from Kevin Neff 12/09/23
Pin oak chlorosis from Joan Schaeffer 10/19/23
Techny Arborvitae Browning from John Babirak 10/17/23
Crystallization of sap I think at the base of the from Jennifer Hansen 09/06/23
Established Arborvitae turning brown from Tammy Walker 08/13/23
Mushroom Compost and Rhododendrons from Robert Bearman 08/07/23
Birch fertilizer from Ellen Hildner 07/28/23
tree watering--new from Gregory Schaefer 06/14/23
North Side Arborvitae’s turning Brown from Kevin Albert 06/06/23
River Birch tree from Pamela Briggs 05/25/23
Caring for a tree peony with a split trunk from Michele Lemmon 05/13/23
Giant green thuja from Al ZAMAS 05/02/23
stunted leaves without blooms from Dan Stretch 04/19/23
Are mimosa trees invasive ? from Carol Dunaway 04/17/23
Are mimosa trees invasive ? from Carol Dunaway 04/15/23
weeping katsura from Theresa Murray 03/27/23
Arborvitae from Desiree Kelly 01/20/23
Pruning from Billie Childress 01/15/23
tree sap from Kurtis Johnson 10/24/22
Dying tree from Suzanne Nelson 10/16/22
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