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Extension Educator, Horticulture
DuPage/Kane/Kendall Unit
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Worm/caterpillar eating sour cherry tree from Susan Goetz 06/10/22
Worm/caterpillar eating sour cherry tree from Susan Goetz 06/08/22
Birds and Deers Eating my fruits from Verdell Palmer (1) Reply. 05/30/21
Monte Gusto Bean seeds from Tina Luzier (1) Reply. 04/14/21
Wilting pepper plants from Joyce Fair (1) Reply. 06/07/20
Chicago Hardy Fig Tree from Colin C Sauer (1) Reply. 11/10/17
Black pumpkin/squash leaves from Paul Saxton 09/03/17
Tomato Plant Issues from Jan Andretich (1) Reply. 07/27/17
Tomatoes from Crystal ? (1) Reply. 07/18/17
Tomatoes from Chuck Kocian (3) Replies. 07/14/17
Brown Pea Solido from janna segrest (1) Reply. 06/21/17
Brussel Sprouts from Glenda Merrill (1) Reply. 06/15/17
Tomatoes from Brenda Lowe (1) Reply. 06/09/17
Grape Vineyard from Jeffrey Kirby (1) Reply. 06/06/17
Blue Muffin Viburnum from Teri Rutledge (3) Replies. 05/23/17
Apple tree leaf spots from Shelly Pearson (1) Reply. 05/13/17
Grapes and Chemicals from Daniel Yandel (1) Reply. 02/18/17
tomato from alexa conway (1) Reply. 07/15/16
tomato plants from Sandra Cusack (1) Reply. 06/23/16
soil testfor blueberries from Pat Reband (1) Reply. 06/11/16
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