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From: Michele Zielinski
Hazlet, NJ
Someone gave me a Calandiva plant. I am not sure if this is a houseplant or if I can plant it outside. Please let me know. It has beautiful small red flowers on it and I am not sure how long it will bloom. Please give me any information yo can on this particular type of plant. Thank you.

Extension Message
From: Greg Stack
Extension Horticulturist
Extension Web Development

Calandiva is a type of Kalanchoe which has been developed to produce very double flowers in very tight clusters. This is a flowering house plant that should stay in bloom for a very long time. After flowering cut off spent flowers. Indoors keep it in a very bright light spot. Water as needed but keep it a little on the dry side. You an put it out for the summer but it needs a partial shade spot. It needs to be brought in for the winter before frost as it is not winter hardy in your area.

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