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Transplanting an Aloe Vera Plant

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From: Michelle Peck
Mount Pocono, PA
I have inherited a very large Aloe Vera Plant which has about 5 baby plants growing from the bottom of the primary plant. The primary plant has dried and missing leaves on the bottom.

How can I put the baby plants in there own pots, and revive the mother plant without killing them all?

Extension Message
From: Greg Stack
Extension Horticulturist
Extension Web Development

the first thing to do is to knock the plant out of the pot. Pick away at the soil and find where the offset are attached to the "mother plant". Take a knife and cut it from the main plant. the offsets may have some roots attached. Set them aside without potting for a day or two to allow the cuts to callus over. Pot them in a standard potting mix. don't water. Put in a sunny location. In about a week or so you can start to resuem watering as needed to keep the soil on the dry side. As far as the main plant remove affected leaves , allow it to dry and callus and repot it in a separate pot handling just as the offsets.

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