Caitlin Morris
Program Coordinator, 4-H Community Clubs - Champaign County
Champaign/Ford/Iroquois/Vermilion Unit

Champaign County


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Question Title Date
Purple Ash Tree from jean knepper (1) Reply. 05/25/10
Spraying License from Eric Crowley (1) Reply. 04/27/10
Agronomy 101 from Skip Dawspm (1) Reply. 01/13/10
knot tying from mary mcgrew 11/19/09
Cleaning after water damage. from Barbara Schurter 09/03/09
Substituting for grape leaves for crisp pick from Kenneth Miller 08/20/09
Brown insect scale from Renee Reich 07/29/09
Cloverbuds from Stephanie Scott 07/18/09
Turpintine Smell in a Bottle from Lorraine Spinella 07/15/09
ash tree from laurie wright 06/26/09
mandovilla from garett page 06/17/09
apple cedar rust hosts from Dan Niven 06/15/09
State Homemakers Camp from Carol Froeschl 05/28/09
cookbooks from Nancy Masterson 05/27/09
worms on evergreen bushes from Jane Grundhoefer 05/23/09
tulips bulbs from Luralene Tarter 05/21/09
Movin and Cookin Class from Cheryl Long 05/13/09
vegetable planting chart/table from karen montgomery 04/12/09
food from susanne oaks 04/08/09
Mimosa Tree from Beverly Davis 04/01/09
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