Sandra Mason
State Master Gardener Coordinator
Champaign/Ford/Iroquois/Vermilion Unit

Champaign County


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Question Title Date
Morning Glory Spinach from Jean Hitch (2) Replies. 03/25/13
Veg planting guide from Sarah Haskins 10/14/12
Prairiefire Crabapple rootstock from Nancy Miller (1) Reply. 08/06/12
drought damaged shrub from Libby Johnston (1) Reply. 07/29/12
Nothing will grow here! from Maureen Mueller (1) Reply. 07/09/12
Miss Kim Lilac from Diane Pearson (1) Reply. 05/28/12
Hollyhock rust from Kathie Gehrig (1) Reply. 05/19/12
Fagus sylvatica insect from Tom Jacobs (1) Reply. 05/18/12
BEETLES from RAYMOND LOY (1) Reply. 05/15/12
Strange growth in lawn from beverly Moffar (1) Reply. 05/10/12
Straw grass? or Crabgrass? from Beth Beres (1) Reply. 04/07/12
bagworms from Clyde Hudson (1) Reply. 03/29/12
invasive shrubs/trees from jan mccracken (1) Reply. 03/26/12
Bagworms and Roses from Tracy Tieman (1) Reply. 03/19/12
looking for composting worms from Connie Hahn (1) Reply. 03/18/12
ornamental grasses from joyce goggin (1) Reply. 03/12/12
transplanting tree from Sylvia McDermott (1) Reply. 03/07/12
Herb Day from Madiem Kawa (1) Reply. 12/26/11
Are they poisonious to animals? from Dianne Marstin (1) Reply. 09/11/11
What Fruit tree is this? from Gloria Meyer (1) Reply. 08/29/11
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