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Question Title Date
Oak Tree Identification from Pete Yancick (1) Reply. 11/03/11
Illinois's Native Magnolias from Karren Wcisel (3) Replies. 04/16/11
Maple Fruiting/Seeding from john zanderzuk (1) Reply. 01/19/11
Trying to Find Mockernut Hickory (IL) from Lisa B. (1) Reply. 10/25/10
Tree with 2-inch Seed Pods (IL) from vicki michael (1) Reply. 08/17/10
Shellbark Hickory from Joseph Hensley (1) Reply. 07/21/10
Unknown Tree (IL) from Carol Hayes (1) Reply. 04/25/10
Thorny Tree ID (TN) from Lori Stamm (1) Reply. 03/19/10
Eastern Cottonwood (AL) from bonnie golden (1) Reply. 03/16/10
White Bark but not Birch? from brett barkman (1) Reply. 11/15/09
IL Big Trees from Tim Zerrusen Jr. (1) Reply. 11/01/09
Mystery Tree (IL) from Linda Campbell (1) Reply. 10/12/09
Ironwood or Eastern Hophornbeam from Jeff Friedhoff (1) Reply. 10/06/09
Tree Identification (IL) from Richard Gallivan (1) Reply. 10/02/09
Unusual Looking Acorns (CT) from John Kracen (2) Replies. 09/29/09
Decidious Vine Identification from Jo Ellen McHugh (1) Reply. 09/22/09
Unidentified Vine (IL) from Amy Joy Tofte (1) Reply. 08/31/09
Sugar/Silver Maple Identification from William Ferguson (1) Reply. 08/08/09
Tree identification from Anita Wood (1) Reply. 06/02/09
Common Trees Found in Riparian Areas (IL) from Lewis Jesse (1) Reply. 04/26/09
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