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Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
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Toping Large Oak Tree from Lisa K. (1) Reply. 06/09/20
How to Prune Trees Including Oak Trees from Sharon Sands (1) Reply. 10/18/17
Best Time of Year to Prune Oak Trees? from Lorri Parizek (1) Reply. 09/30/17
Pruning a Maple Tree (IL) from Eloise Haglund (1) Reply. 05/15/17
Is it OK to Top a Live Oak Tree? from gary weikart (1) Reply. 10/24/16
Trimming or Pruning Soft Maple (IL) from mike d (1) Reply. 08/31/15
Bartlett Pear Not Producing from Thomas L. (1) Reply. 07/11/15
Purchasing Pole Saws and Pruners for Home Use from Sally Freeman (1) Reply. 07/01/15
Topping Palo Verde, Mesquite, and Ironwood from Raquel McAllister (1) Reply. 04/23/15
Pruning Soft Maple Suckers (NY) from Ted M. (1) Reply. 04/01/15
Red Pine Mauled (MI) from Judi W. (1) Reply. 01/02/15
Pruning Ornamental Pears (IL) from Orveda Anderson (1) Reply. 07/16/14
Pruning E. White Pine Tree from Al Pawloski (1) Reply. 10/09/13
Pruning Old Map Tree Overhanging House from Otto Retzer (1) Reply. 09/22/13
Pruning River Birch (IL) from Laura Bertram (1) Reply. 11/17/12
Topping Oak Trees to Enhance Viewscape from Catherine lazenby (1) Reply. 10/19/12
Pruning Young White Pine from Karen (1) Reply. 10/09/12
Pruning Storm Damaged Bradford Pear (IL) from Kathy M. (1) Reply. 07/08/12
White Pine Casting Shade on Blue Spruce (IL) from Sue Randle (1) Reply. 03/25/12
White Pine and Leyland Cypress Fire Damage (MD) from David Asher (1) Reply. 03/23/12
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