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Cleaning Pruning Equipment from Richard Scovill (1) Reply. 11/02/11
When to Prune Crabapple from Richard Scovill (1) Reply. 10/09/11
Soft maple trees from Linda Smith (2) Replies. 04/15/11
Norway Pine Trimming from Marty Anderson (1) Reply. 03/14/11
Forked Eastern White Pine from Alison Rene (1) Reply. 10/12/10
Best Time of Year to Prune Hardwoods from Aaron Gambill (1) Reply. 08/17/10
Pruning "double" Red Pine from Steve Siemieniuk (1) Reply. 07/24/10
Pruning White Pine from Tom Berrigan (1) Reply. 06/19/10
Pin Oak Maturity from allen braddy (1) Reply. 06/15/10
Pruning Bottom Branches from Conifers from judy fittro (1) Reply. 05/28/10
Top-Pruning White Fir for Aesthetics from Norm Schlafmann (1) Reply. 05/17/10
Blue Spruce (CO) from Annette Martinez (1) Reply. 04/16/10
Pruning Spruce & Pine in a Windbreak from David Walters (1) Reply. 03/06/10
Pruning Blue Spruce (IL) from Shelley Mlynarczyk (1) Reply. 07/18/09
Pruning Blue Spruce (ME) from Ann Milster (1) Reply. 11/11/08
Pruning My Fir Trees (MI) from Tim Taylor (1) Reply. 10/28/08
Maintaining Blue Spruce Height for Aesthetics from Nancy Minter (1) Reply. 06/07/08
How & When to Prune Pin Oaks from Allen Russell (1) Reply. 05/26/08
Top-Pruned White Pines (NY) from dawn griffiths (1) Reply. 02/06/08
When and How to Prune Pin Oaks (IL) from Susan Fox (1) Reply. 11/19/07
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