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White Pine Casting Shade on Blue Spruce (IL)

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From: Sue Randle
Hutsonville, IL
I have two 30 year old blue spruce trees planted about 35 ft apart. In the middle is a long needle white pine of the same age. The pine tree appears to be blocking the sun from each spruce on their respective sides. Branches are dying with no needle growth. Should I cut away the healthy pine limbs down low to let in the sun, or are these pine trees just dead will not recover. Hate to lose any of these trees. Pine is healthy all the way around. Thank you for your time. Sue

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Greetings Sue:

This is a great question! Unfortunately, this is exactly the kind of question that pushes the limits and resourcefulness of Web-based resources like the Ask a Forester forum. Why do you ask?

The answer is simple, "The vast majority of these kind of tree/plant questions require on-site evaluation and assessment. A simple yes or no answer via the Internet or via email is both inappropriate and unprofessional -- in my personal opinion."

Therefore, please contact a local certified arborist for an on-site evaluation and assessment -- it's the only way to receive accurate advice regarding these kind of specific questions!

IL Certified Arborists:

Best of luck!

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