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Timber Harvesting & Marketing

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Marketing Persimmon Trees (AR) from Dean Barnett (1) Reply. 01/18/19
Selling 300 Persimmon Trees (CA) from Stephanie Romanov (1) Reply. 05/22/18
Harvesting Redwoods (CA) from Ernest Rocha (1) Reply. 04/08/18
Fair Price for 16 Walnut Trees (IL) from Ryan Cozad (4) Replies. 02/23/18
Harvesting Timber: Where to Start (IL) from stephen rutledge (1) Reply. 12/20/17
Consulting Forester to Evaluate Standing Timber from Alva McDowell (1) Reply. 12/18/17
What is the Value of my Timber? (IL) from Frances Thomas (1) Reply. 10/26/17
Selling Trees from a 0.67-acre Wooded Lot (IL) from regina fengya (1) Reply. 07/26/17
Tax Basis for Inherited Woodland from Karen Chan (2) Replies. 07/21/17
Harvesting from Aref Khatib 06/24/17
Black Walnut/Cherry Maturity (WI) from Ethan O (1) Reply. 05/23/17
Selling Pine Trees in Illinois from Amy Slaybaugh (1) Reply. 04/07/17
What's a minimum number of trees for timber sale? from Jeff Fullilove 02/20/17
Selling and Milling Timber in IL from brett videon (1) Reply. 10/10/16
Wisconsin MFL Red Oak Harvest Questions from MIKE WINFREY (1) Reply. 12/28/15
Selling Black Walnut & Black Cherry Trees from E. Kennedy (1) Reply. 09/29/15
Interested in Logging Property in Central IL from Colby Willison (1) Reply. 06/11/15
List of Licensed & Bonded Timber Buyers (IL) from chad r. (1) Reply. 05/13/15
Illinois Timber Price Bulletins, 2014-2015 from Scott Foster (2) Replies. 05/06/15
Value of 20-yr Old Hardwood Trees (IL) from Debra Tillis (1) Reply. 05/05/15
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