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2 trees

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From: Tangela Brooks
Tuscola, IL
Hello, I have 2 walnut trees that need taken down. Who could I contact that might be interested?

Extension Message
From: Christopher Evans
Forestry Extension and Research Specialist
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
With yard trees, even walnuts, you often have a hard time finding someone that will pay for them due to the risk of having metal or something else imbedded in the trees or because the trees tend to be limby and lower value. Still, it is a possibility that may be worth looking into. We maintain a directory of custom sawmills in the state. These might be your best bet to find someone local that may be interested in the trees -

If you are unable to find someone, then you will likely need to pay someone to remove them. You probably have a number of local tree care businesses in your area that can take it down or you can look at the directory of certified arborists from the Illinois Arborist Association -

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