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Red Oak Trunk Sizes

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From: David Ellams
Hi Jay Thanks for getting back to me.

Sorry if this sounds a little stupid but what I need to do is to try and calculate the following.

I need to try and estimate the yield of Quarter Sawn / Rift Cut Red Oak to give a finished size of 1" x 8" x 48" Planks

What I am trying to find out is what is the average trunk diameter and useable trunk height. I realise that lumber and trees vary but I am just trying to get averages.

The job that I am working on is a very large and prestigious development in the UK. And the architects have asked me to estimate the number of trees it will take for the project. Please don't think that this is a joke as the architect wants to Use American Red Oak but is conscious of the environmental impact. The complete project is in the order of 100,000 square feet.

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