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Buying Significant Acreage of Timberland

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From: Derek Morrison
Jensen Beach, FL
I want to buy 10,000 acres of timberlands as a long term investment. It is easy to find consulting foresters to manage the property, but what is the best way to identify, evaluate and buy timberlands

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Greetings Derek,

As you well know, timber has been a very good investment the last 20+ years. Here are a couple good articles regarding the aforementioned:

The best way to identify, evaluate, and buy timberland is also through a reputable, experienced, certified professional consulting forester or timber investment company. A forester with an advanced degree in forest economics or a forester with an MBA would personally rank high on my list.

Seeing that I only dabble in hardwood silviculture on private forestland (small parcels <400 ac) in the Midwest, I am going to refer you to Professor Rick Williams at the University of Florida. Dr. Williams is an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist in Forest Management. Ask Dr. Williams if he can provide you with the necessary contacts to achieve your investment goals and objectives.

Rick Williams Assoc. Prof. & Extension Forestry Specialist University of Florida West Florida Research & Education Center 5988 Hwy 90, Building 4900 Milton, FL 32583 Phone: 850-983-5217 Fax: 850-983-5774

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