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Value of Red Oak Tree (IA)

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From: Tom Wiest
Buckingham, IA
I read your response on the value of white oak and I understand all the variables. Can you tell me an approximate value for red oak. I too have a tree that has blown over that has a 37" dia truck a good 10' clear. Mine is a woods tree and what I would like is an estimate per board foot for veneer and also lumber. Thank you.

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Greetings Tom,

Red oak stumpage prices have been suppressed for the last year or two. However, I still know ssome sawmills who are paying really good prices for quality butt logs ($0.60-80/bd.ft.). More than likely, the price you receive and the price you want may not be close to the delivered sawlog price indicated above.

Seeing that you only have one tree, I'm not sure what kind of price you can get or ask for seeing that your tree is already down on the ground. My suggestion to you is to contact a local portable sawmill owner to see if he would be willing to purchase said tree. Or, you can place an add in your local newspaper.

Contact your local IA DNR forester for a list of local portable sawmill owners.

Best of luck!

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