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Pruning My Fir Trees (MI)

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From: Tim Taylor
Dryden, MI
My fir trees are very full near the bottom, and very thin near the top of the tree. the tree are 5 to7 feet tall, can i prun the top, how much? and will this help fill the rest of the tree in.

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Greetings Tim,

Without the aid of pictures and a good look at your trees, I would not suggest any pruning unless advised by a professional. I say this because most conifers (pines, firs, spruces, etc.) usually exhibit sparse foliage near the apex of the tree because it is the youngest wood/tissue/foliage. This "sparseness" you mention toward the top of the tree is probably a physiological artifact of normal growth...which of course is a good thing!

If you truly think the "sparseness" is not an artifact of good growth, then please contact your local Extension or DNR forestry office for an on-site assessment.

Best of luck!

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