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Selling a Black Walnut Tree (NC)

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From: Charity K
Shelby, NC
I have a Black Walnut tree in my yard. I do not know anything about selling this tree other than what I have read online. Also, I had a professional tree cutter who came and cut a large tree out of my front yard, and I asked the price to cut down the black walnut b/c it also looms over my roof and drops the walnuts on my it, which is quite annoying to me. I did not know the tree was worth anything, but he was very honest with me and said that I could get online and find someone to purchase the tree for $1000 or more. It is a VERY tall tree with no major defects that I can tell and it is VERY straight as well. Just wondering who you thought I could go to in order to sell this tree and how I would go about it? Thanks.

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Thank your for contacting extension forestry at the University of Illinois. First, I do not appraise or value trees over the Internet or via telephone--especially for yard trees. Appraisals must be conducted in-person and on-site by someone you trust: a state agency forester, a professional consulting forester, a certified arborist, or a trusted wood worker / custom sawmill operator. They will be able to immediately assess the tree to determine whether removal of said tree would be a net “cost” endeavor or a net “profit” endeavor!

As I’ve mentioned time and time again throughout this forum, “tree value” is a function of many different variables: species; quality or grade (sawlog tree or veneer tree); merchantable log length; diameter (diameter at breast height or diameter at the small end of a log); volume; internal/external defects; demand; etc. Honestly, your yard tree could be worth in excess of $1000, or your tree could be worthless from a traditional lumber standpoint (i.e., it’s a firewood tree).

Valuing yard trees as potential sawlogs or veneer logs is even more complicated because of the liability and the physical cost of removing the tree from a yard-like environment. These removal costs are generally high because most yard trees are situated in tight, physical locations in proximity to houses, garages, utility lines, decks, driveways, patios, etc. Therefore, the physical cost of simply removing the tree tends to erode all potential net value the tree may have had as a sawlog. And in all honesty, the vast majority of yard tree removal projects end up becoming a net cost to the homeowner, not a net profit.

Again, I do not appraise trees over the phone or Internet, as there are simply too many variables to consider. However, a simple Web search for your state forestry agency will help you get the ball rolling!

Best of luck!

From: James McGrath
Hilton Head Island, SC
Dear Charity,

We want your Tree can you send us some pictures and measurements?

Please contact me we reclaim unwanted wood and would like to help you.

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