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Diversify Excavating Company

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From: Tony Muhlenburg
Aledo, IL
Jay, We are looking to expand our excavating business and would like more infomation on forestry management. We are located in Mercer County Illinois. Any help or guidance you can give will be appreciated. Thank you, Tony Muhlenburg Muhlenburg Drainage & Excavating 309-371-8669

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Hi Tony:

Well, I need some more information. First off, do you want to get into the logging business or do you want to get into the professional technical forest management? These concepts are very different. I'm gong to assume that you are thinking about the logging business.

First things first "do some homework": Check out my Extension Forestry website to familiarize yourself with some basic terminology and facts. Second, contact your local IL Dept. of Natural Resources district forester and seek their professional input about local demand for quality logging contractors.

Extension Forestry website:

After you do a little homework, give me a call directly at (217) two-four-four-zero-five-three-four as Illinois always needs hardworking, honest timber buyers and loggers!

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