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Value of Red Oak Timber (PA)

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From: Ken I.
Gibsonia, PA
I have 15 red oaks between 4-6.5 feet in diameter. What kind of value are they if sold?

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Greetings Ken:

I do not conduct price valuations or appraisals via this venue as it is impossible to properly grade and value individual trees without an on-site assessment. Moreover, the value of standing red oak in Pennsylvania is going to be different than the value of standing red oak here in Illinois (local supply/demand; quality or grade; scale and price per board foot differentials (Doyle vs International vs Scribner), etc.).

However, here are three easy ways to assess the general pulse of the hardwood log market: (1) Examine local timber price reports assembled by USDA agricultural statisticians, university Extension Forestry specialists, and state Department of Forestry specialists and foresters, (2) Contact your local state forestry agency, or (3) Contact a local professional consulting forester.

US Timber and Log Price Reports:

PA Bureau of Forestry:

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