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IL Big Tree Register Nominations

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From: Eric S.
Venedy, IL
What is the largest persimmon tree in Illinois? If I would register one as an Illinois big tree what do I get out of it? Will there be people walking all around our woods then? Without measuring I would guess this particular tree to be over two foot in diameter if not three. i would also guess it stands close to 100 foot tall? Thank you

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Hi Eric:

The largest persimmon tree on record in Illinois is approximately 8.1 feet in circumference, 135 feet tall, with a crown spread of nearly 40 feet.

Location information must be supplied to the coordinator of the Illinois Big Tree Register; however, landowners reserve the right to withhold this information from the general public (i.e., I will not publish the location of your Big Tree if that is your wish).

The owners/nominators of certified Big Trees receive a printed Big Tree certificate and a tremendous amount of satisfaction and pride that they are now the owners/nominators of a new state champion tree.

Illinois Big Tree Register:

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