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Timber in Exchange for Rough Road?

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From: Tim L.
charlottesville, VA
I just bought a home with two additional lots spread out over 16 acres. I recently had a few timber agents come out to take a look, and they all estimated I could expect somewhere between $10-15,000 if I tried to sell the logging rights. The problem is that they explained that most loggers would want at least 1.5 years to harvest.

So as you can probably tell, my main goal is to put the lots on the market soon. While getting some money out of selling the timber would have been great, i really just wanted to make the lots easier to sell to buyers. In my mind this means getting in a rough road so that I wouldn't have to pay to have one put in and so that potential buyers could tour the land without having to hike (it's fairly steep). It also has some really great views that can't be seen because it is so thick with trees.

I know with the quick turnaround of wanting to sell the lots and the requirements of putting in a road (not to mention limiting the logger to a selective cut) wouldn't be in their interest if they had to pay, but would it be worth their while if they could have the timber in exchange for putting in a rough road?

Is this ever done?

als are to put the land on the market in the next few months. That means basically that my main goals are to get it selectively cut so that there is still a "pretty" amount of trees and at the same time Probably the biggest part in my estimation of what it would take to sell the land quicker would be if there is some kind of a rough road in there so potential buyers can tour the property.The quick time frame and amount of restrictions would not be in the benefit of the loggers if they had to pay for the logging rights, but if they coul d have the timber for free in exchange for the road and improving the view, would they consider it worth their while?

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Hi Tim:

Personally, I wouldn't barter "timber" for "road building" until you consult with a professional forester and until you receive a precise estimate of timber volume and timber quality.

Therefore, please contact your local state forestry agency, the Virginia Dept. of Forestry, for assistance with the harvesting and marketing of your standing timber investment.


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