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Selling Early/First Growth Timbers (IL)

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From: John Nesbitt
Kankakee, IL

I have a lot, I mean tons, of old timbers and wood. My family was in the heavy moving and rigging business since 1873. We use this wood for housemoving and cribbing. It's all been stored inside. Most of it is early/first growth wood. Very clear and usually heartwood. Some are 20' + long. It's pine and fir, nice stuff. Some of it my great grandfather acquired.

Would anyone know if someone might be interested in any of it? It's in Kankakee, Il, about 60 mi south of Chicago. I have CHF and have to get out of the business and am selling everything. I always hoped I would be able to do some woodworking with these great timbers, but my present health precludes that. Heres a rough count- There are more timbers, but I have to move some to get to them. Approx. 36 12’-14’ 8x8 8 12’-14’ 8x10 12 12’-14’ 6x8 1 13’ 10x12 1 22’ 7x9 2 14’ 6x8 1 18’ 8x10 4 17’ 6x8 2 15’ 10x14 1 20’ 8x8 2 18’ 8x10 2 16’ 8x8 1 17’ 8x10 4 16’ 8x10 4 22’ 8x10 2 26’ 8x10 2 20’ 8x10 And I have many 8x8's, 6x6, 6x8, 4x6 and more There are NO nails, screws etc in them

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Hi Josh:

Try contacting Trillium Dell Timberworks out of Knoxville, IL or Long Creek Timber Framers out of Paxton, IL.

Trillium Dell Timberworks:

Long Creek Timber Framers:

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