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Black Oak Savanna Timber (IL)

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From: Markellie Fogle
Chicago, IL
Thanks for the information I have been trying to get my Agriculture Business off the ground for several years now with no success. I am just not able to afford it financially. I have 5 acres of a Black Oak Savanna and have been considering harvesting and selling some of the Black Oak trees but really am not sure where to begin. Aprox. 1.25 acres have been cleared. So there is aprox. 3.75 acres left. The Savanna actually is a Oak and Hickory Savanna, so there are other trees there besides Oak. Where would you start in selling off 2 acres of these trees?

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Hi Markellie:

I would strongly encourage you to speak w/ a professional forester regarding this black oak savanna. Most open woodlands do not contain a lot of valuable timber, therefore it may not be wise to harvest these trees. In fact, your best bet will probably be to keep this open woodland as a black oak savanna demonstration forest.

Contact your local IDNR district forester for additional technical assistance:

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