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Sick Honeylocust and Pin oak (IL)

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From: kay thorson
deerfield, IL
We have 2 Honey Locust trees, both been healthy for 50 years in trouble. One in front of house with no pods has bark which is splitting in huge strips and can be easily pealed off, tree branches and leaves look healthy. The one in back yard with pods in the fall has some bulges in spots on the trunk. I opened one of the bulges near bottom of the tree and inside is a brown syrup liquid, no apparent insects. The pin oak also 5o yrs old has some isolated dead branches near the interior of the tree and many of the leaves are falling off NOW rather than normally late in October. Tree is green otherwise, no yellowing chlorosis this year. Can you tell me how to save our 3 largest trees? Thanks for your help.

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
I've observed a significant number of pin oak trees with what appears to be bacterial leaf scorch (unfortunately, there is no way to treat this disease). You can submit samples to the UI Plant Clinic for potential diagnosis:

I'm not sure what is happening to your honeylocust trees based on your description. Therefore, you will need to secure the services of an urban forester or certified arborist for an on-site assessment:

Best of luck!

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