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Need a Timber Appraisal (IL)

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From: pat berchtold
chillicothe, IL
I have 45 acres in Marshall county, just north of Sparland Il. Who would I call to come out and appraise my timber? What are the fees?

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Hi Pat:

Timber appraisal fees vary based on the complexity of the property and what kind of final report you need or want.

Ultimately, you will need to schedule a site-visit with a professional consulting forester. The consulting forester will conduct a thorough forest inventory, otherwise known as a cruise, to collect quantitative and qualitative field data and to determine the following:

1. Species composition 2. Trees per acre by species 3. Basal area per acre by species 4. Volume per acre by species 5. Volume by product class (veneer, grade logs, tie logs, crane mat logs, pallet/blocking logs, etc.) 6. Timber and land basis (value of the timber upon date of purchase, inheritance, or gift); some foresters charge extra for this because it involves more office research.

The cost of an appraisal will obviously vary: some consulting foresters will charge a flat rate, whereas others will charge an hourly rate. Remember, a timber appraisal takes travel time, field time, and office time.

So please don’t expect to get an appraisal for a 45-acre tract of timber for under $300; $500-1200 would be more realistic for a 45-acre tract of timber. Just remember, the more ravines and the steeper the slopes, the higher the field costs (more time necessary to traverse the property and conduct the forest inventory) and the higher cost for the appraisal.

Best, Jay C. Hayek

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