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Black Walnut Logs Offer (NY)

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From: Elmer Rivera-Murillo
East Northport , NY
To: Jay Hayek

I’m on Long Island NY and hope you can give me advice. I have four black walnut logs. One log is 20 feet long with approximately a 20 inch diameter, a second log is 17 feet long with approximately 20 inch diameter, the third log is 10 feet long with approximately an 18 inch diameter and the fourth log is 6 feet long with approximately an 18 inch diameter. The three longest logs are very straight so no bends. A local mill offered me $200 for the two largest logs and milling of the 10 foot log and the 6 foot log for my own personal use at no charge. Is his offer taking advantage of me and if so whereabouts should the offer be on price… Thank you.

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Hi Elmer:

As you probably know, custom milling fees vary as some mills charge by the job, by the hour, per board foot, or even on barter.

What you've shared with me is definitely more of a barter agreement where they've offered to custom mill and provide you with the lumber from your two smallest walnut logs in exchange for your two largest walnut logs plus $200 cash.

Estimated board feet from the two largest logs using International 1/4 scale:

Log 1: 20" x 20' = 350 board feet Log 2: 20" x 17' = 232 board feet

To determine if this is a fair deal, ask them what their hourly rate and per board foot rate is and do the math to determine if their original offer sounds reasonable.

Best of luck!

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