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Red and White Oak Veneer Pricing

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From: Ron Myers
dillsburg, PA
I recently had my timber scaled. It amounted to about 42 white oak veneers at 4400 bf. Also 3 red oak veneer at 260 bft. As an owner what would be a fair selling price in todays market?

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Greetings Ron!

Well, stumpage value is really a function of demand, supply, product, species, quality, quantity, distance to markets, logging costs, geographic location, etc. Regardless, geography does play a big part in determining value of standing timber. Since I am unsure about the physical whereabouts of your stand of timber, I can only offer you the following information:

In Illinois, fall 2007 hardwood marketing reports indicate strong white oak demand and price: veneer logs @ $1.50-3.00/bd.ft and sawlogs @ $0.40-1.20/bd.ft. However, Illinois marketing reports indicate weak red oak pricing: veneer and sawlogs @ $0.30-60/bd.ft. [prices are for mill-delivered logs]

However, if your timber physically resides in Pennsylvania, then you would need to contact a PADCNR forester or a local professional consulting forester to determine fair market value for timber in your area.

Hope this helped!

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