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Privet hedge

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From: Thomas Csabon
Escondido, CA
Planted row of new hedges and all seem to have adapted well except one died (located in the middle of the row 18 inches apart). Swapped a healthy hedge with the dead one and now the healthy is dying. What's happening within this square foot of dirt? Hedges on either side are well.

Extension Message
From: Sandra Mason
State Master Gardener Coordinator
Champaign/Ford/Iroquois/Vermilion Unit
Hi Thomas, That is a mystery. is this a new home? new landscape? sometimes in construction stuff gets buried. you didn't say what kind of plant. i would suggest probing soil under mystery spot to see if construction debris could be buried. May also want to check with your Extension in California. please use this website to find the one nearest you. http://ucanr.edu/

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