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My Family Tree

Kingdom Animalia Phylum Annelid Class Oligochaeti Species Terrestris

The second part of my name is the species. Members of the same genus can and do have different species names because there is just a small difference that makes them unique. Kind of like members of your family. You all have the same last name but your first names are different.

My species name is fetida.

So when you put my genus and species name together, you get Eisenia fetida. Or as my friends call me—red worm, red wiggler, manure worm or fish worm.

I'm the worm that really likes living in worm bins. My cousin, Lumbricus (genus) terrestris (species), or earthworm really would rather live outdoors in your garden. We'll talk about him later on when you go to the section on making a worm bin.

Now that you know my family tree, let's see how your family tree is like mine!


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