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Come Live with Me

It's like cleaning your room!

Divide and Sort Method

Another method of harvesting is called the "Divide and Sort Method." When the bedding in my "room" (bin) is so shallow that it isn't deep enough to bury food scraps, it's a good time to add more bedding to my room.

First you move all of the old bedding over to one side of the bin.

Fill the other side with fresh bedding (newspaper) and prepare it like you did before. Bury the food scraps only in the fresh bedding.

Eventually, most of the worms will move from old bedding into the new bedding. Harvest the castings. There may be a few worms still in the castings, but that's okay.

This harvesting method can be done every 3-4 months. I bet you wish your parents would let you go that long without cleaning your room.

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