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Teacher's Bin

Herman's Statewide Goals

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Students will be able to:

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Herman's Systemwide Objectives

Biological and Physical Sciences

Fine Arts

Language Arts


Social Sciences

What responsibilities will I have as a teacher if I start a worm bin? Who will be responsible?

How can I make sure the kids are responsible without seeming distrustful?

What is the time commitment for me? For the students?

How often do we have to work on the worm bin to keep the worms alive?

We have only a window counter in the sun for the bin. Will direct sun hurt the worms?

What happens if the students put candy (or other things) in the worm bin?

How could we stop the composting?

If you have a question we have not answered, you can send questions to Herman by clicking here.

What do we do with the worms when we're done?

Is there any form of recognition for the student's work?