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From: Debbie Gentry
Arcola, IL
There are small round symmetrical holes around the trunk of a crabapple tree. The holes go up the trunk about every 3-inches, up to the bottom row of branches. The tree is approximitly 6 to 7 years old. We have two crabapple trees and this problem is only on one of the trees. Just noticed the problem this year. I don't know the species, the trees were already here when we moved here in 2003. Bug or critter problem?

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From: Greg Stack
Extension Horticulturist
Extension Web Development

if the holes are symetrical and rather evenly spaced on the trunk I would suspect that yo have sapsucker damage. These birds will make holes in the sides of trees in a very uniform pattern. Should not be any cause for concern and not much one can do to prevent.

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